Data and Where to Find Insight a la drilling down

Hierarchy, data access, and connectedness are the three adjectives I would use to describe data management. Data management is, in a sense, how you organize your closet. 

How you sort your data depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Just as you dress for the job, you want. If you can group it, you can discover things. When understanding customers more, regardless of the industry, ultimately the basics are the same. At the root, understanding geography (where customers come from), people (age, sex, culture), economics (infrastructure, GDP and GDP per capita), and behavior (what people buy, where they spend their times, and lifestyle). The difference is, we use data instances to measure it, manipulate and compare it to develop an understanding to make better decisions. 

Every industry has different jargon that explains groupings. This information graphed gives understanding into the why's, and the comparisons. Hierarchies are how management can allocate responsibilities and measure performance.

You can arrange more than just employees. Products and quantities that have information about costs, margins, and volumes sold. By taking data and putting into tables, and grouping things with filters. Columns allow you to group data and 'things,' rows allow you to drill down.

A fashion lover learning the beautify of the data analysis. The world seems to complicate data so much, but it is simple at its core, it's the mind that complicates it.