To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

Want to engage customers online and not sure how? Want to build a brand or direct more users to your websites? Blogging is one of the best tools to do so. 


Blogs push information out to create content for a larger target market, and a platform where businesses can reach and engage customers.


Blogs help communicate different messages and allow individuals and businesses push content. The key to great blogging is offering valuable information and can become a trusted place for information.


Morten Rand-Hendriksen talks about the 5 main stages for blogging:

·      Goals

o   Setting goals that are linked to a business as a whole, and all marketing is hitting the same messages

·      Strategy

o   How is the success of the blog measured against the business?

·      Technology

o   What technology do you use?

·      Content

o   What content should you create and how should it be published?

·      Implementation

o   The blog takes place here, and helps businesses plan about content, publishing and engaging



·      Business Purpose: develop a blog to highlight my skills & knowledge on management, strategy and marketing to get hired by Facebook.

·      Blog Goals:

o   What can a blog visitor learn from us? 

o   How can the blog be used to help us get closer to our business purpose?

o   Short –term: Become the go-to source around marketing & strategy

o   Long-term: Get hired more and make more money


In the plan, you should have a 1-year critical path (things that will lead you to make forecasted revenue) with incremental milestones over the year, while keeping in mind the external environment and how the blog develops your own business development.


Are you delivering what your customers want?  Like any business, it’s a big deal, to create and engage an audience. You need to check your analytics. What are the top blogs? Are they what you thought? You need to check in with your content and if things are meeting your milestones and original objectives. Continuously asking yourself if you could do better and re-evaluate your strategy, is it solving it’s purpose?

What is your online assets? Do you have a LinkedIn account? Facebook?  Twitter? Youtube? What does your blog have? What segment of the market does your blog fall into? Does your audience engage? Do they create a conversation with you on Twitter and Facebook? 

Be consistent, and have fun with it! 

Light & Love,