Entrepreneur Survival Tips v.1.0

So you're an entrepreneur. You have lots on the go, maybe a full time job a few classes on the side, a family and you sometimes like to remind yourself you have friends and a social life. Life sure gets overwhelmingly busy! Usually entrepreneurs trying to manage their business and wearing many different hats to get their venture of the ground loose sleep, stop exercising and become over-caffeinated. I am that entrepreneur sometimes. How do I keep it together (or at least mostly keep it together ;))? Here are a few ways:


  • Meditate: yes this is the cheesy, trendy response, but it is true. Meditation makes you more creative, allows you to deal with stress better and increases your happiness. 
  • Exercise: this is essential, it keeps your blood flowing, allows you to work for up to 4 hours longer a day and you look good too. 
  • Eat your greens: it helps your immune system, improves circulation, and most importantly it gives you energy!
  • Get Social: go talk with friends and loved ones, and take the time to shut off from your business. No cell phone, computer, just live face-to-face communication. 
  • Journal: write it down. Life as an entrepreneur is a whirlwind, keeping a journal not only allows you to get your thoughts out but it gives you something to look back on. It is a stress reliever, allows you to see your accomplishments on paper and when you write down your goals you have a higher chance of achieving them. Check out these links for some more insight on journaling. 

Get intimate: physical touch and a good release keeps you happy, healthy and decreases stress! Check this article out. 

Celebrate the wins: being an entrepreneur is hard, but when you to win or achieve a milestone (1st customer, MVP, working prototype, new mentors) make sure you celebrate it@

What are your tips for entrepreneurship survival? 


Light & Love,