Airport Sitting: Toronto Pearson – NYC LaGuardia

I am sitting with a Startbucks, at my gate in the international departures terminal at Pearson. I am sitting at the new tables that are equipped with flowers, a tablet, outlets and order payment kiosks.

Coming to the airport is always an experience. Today a very chipper English man picked me up with AirTransit to take me to the airport, after learning he was in the UK military, got divorced and came to Canada to go on a blind date. Him and his blind date have been together ever since, and he now lives happily in the Tri-City area. I encouraged him to make his way out East, because it is clearly awesome out there, particularly for a bloke from the UK.

I got to the airport, and like normal, I had to do the monkey dance through security. I always have interesting experiences at security. This time they asked me to take off my poncho (yes, I am wearing a cashmere poncho. It’s good for the plane, light but can act like a blanket ;)). I said I would prefer not to (how do they know I have anything more than a bra underneath). But a second man asked me to remove my poncho after I stripped my boots off. Well brothers want a peak at the TATA’s. Okay boys, I’ll give it to you this time. But if you are going to get me to take off my clothes, I would like a complementary frisk to make sure I am not carrying anything explosive.

As I sip on my flatwhite (thank you Starbucks for catching up with Australian coffee trends and brining them here) waiting to board the airplane, I am excited to get to NYC. I haven’t been there since February 2012, 3 years ago.

It will be nice to have a few days away from work, as I have been working 60-70 hours a week, some food and drinks are just what the Dr. ordered. 

Thanks for reading. I am off to people watch  (orthodox jews and swanky lady travellers) I will be spending the next fews hours with on this aeroplane.


Light & Love,