Code of a Gentleman

Yes ladies and gents, it is harder and harder to find a suitable gentleman. So, these are some tidbits for those men out there that want to be a gentleman, and they come from an etiquette book from the 50’s!

This book indicates that no matter how polished a man is, without the fundamental code of honor, he will never be a gentleman. “The honor of a gentleman demands the inviolability of his word, and the incorruptibility of his principles. He is the descendant of the knight, the crusader; he is the defender of the defenseless and the champion of justice – or he is not a gentleman.

Decencies of Behavior:
• A gentleman does not, ever borrow money from a friend except in unexpected circumstances, and money so borrowed must be returned promptly.
• One who is rich does not make a display of his money or his possessions. Only a vulgarian talks ceaselessly about how much this or that cost him.
• A well-red man intensely dislikes the mention of money and never speaks of it (outside of business hours) if he can avoid it.
• A gentleman never discusses his family affairs either in public or with acquaintances, nor does he speak more than casually about his wife.
• Nor does a gentleman ever criticize the behavior of a wife whose conduct is scandalous. He must never treat her with disrespect before their children, or a servant, or anyone. No matter who he may be, whether rich or poor, in high life or low, the man who publicly besmirches his wife’s name besmirches still more his own, and proves that he is not, was not, and never will be, a gentleman.
• A gentlemen does not lose control of his temper
• A gentleman does not show a letter written by a lady
• A gentleman avoids the mention of names exactly as he avoids the mention of what things cost
• Manners are an integral part
• A man of breeding does not slap strangers on the back nor so much as lay his finger-tips on a lady
• All thoroughbred people are considerate of the feelings of others, not matter what the station of the others may be.

Caux: Initiatives of Change

I spent two summers at Caux, and it was an amazing experience. I made life long friends, learned the importance of reflection and realized it wasn't until I could change myself that I could change the world. 

In many ways, Caux has made me who I am today. I spend many nights staying up talking (and maybe sometimes there was some wine) with people from around the world, having profound talks on how we were going to change the world in our own way, in our own nook and cranny of the world. 

Caux is a beautiful place, not just in architecture or scenery, but in it's essence. Caux has an energy that inspires, and encourages people to open up and resolve past conflicts. One can see the commitments people make for a more peaceful world, built on a community rooted in the strong values of: purity, trust, compassion and honesty. 

Take the leap, be the change you want to see in the world, and make a difference in your community. 

Kitchener discovery

I have been living in Kirchener/Waterloo for 8 months now and I am just starting to explore. After a rough winter inside studying and eating carbs I am finding green spaces and great new trails! 

I started running again, but with gymnast knees I need to switch it up every other day and rollerblading is great cardio, not to mention it's fun. 

Check out the nooks and sights I found! 






Bringing Back the Blog

Hello Blog World!


I am bringing back the blog. It has been awhile, but I am making the commitment to blog at least once a week. 

You will find blogs on here that talks about business, marketing, fashion and travel. 

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