A global mindset

Tara is a citizen of the world, with work and travel experience in over 40 countries on 6 continents. She has extensive international strategic marketing and business development experience, with measurable economic impact in English, French and Spanish working environments.

She has founded and initiated entrepreneurial activities in social and technology focused start-ups.

Tara is a positive team player, with project management skills, striving to deliver innovative solutions and successful implementations.


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In a technology age and a sluggish economy, businesses need innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed amidst increasing competition. 

Understanding how to drive innovation within an organization is key to staying competitive, whether it be through high-performing diverse teams, design thinking, or innovative trend forecasting. Entrepreneurially minded individuals will drive growth, by initiative, rising to the occasion and tenaciously overcoming problems. But how do you create that culture within your organization? How do you take an idea to create a solution or a tangible product or benefits? Tara Scanlan has been trained to create such conditions in new or established enterprises. 

With over ten years experience working in various retail settings, and several years working internationally to build economic development through marketing initiatives, Tara has what it takes to drive your business forward.

Culturally competent after spending five years traveling and working around the globe, Tara has professional insights into moving into European, Africa, Asian and Latin American markets. Not to mention how to bring international products into North America.   

Tara had extensive experience in product development, designing fashion products since the age of 12 and worked with Fair Trade organizations in Nepal as a product strategist.  In her Master's degree, Tara also gained skills in commercializing software and hardware products, and the necessary management in successfully launching technology projects.